Coastal and waterfront beach erosion is a continual process that deteriorates local shorelines over time, which in turn causes harm to wildlife, natural vegetation, homes, and other physical property. Landmass is slowly pulled away by the tide, resulting in a loss of beaches and uprooted vegetation. When considering one’s property value and the cost of beach repair, preemptive action is a top priority.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, coastal erosion is responsible for over $500 million per year in coastal property loss. In an effort to protect our shorelines, the federal government spends an average of $150 million each year on erosion control and beach nourishment. However, coastal erosion is expected to claim one in four homes located within 500 feet of the shoreline by mid-century.

Coastal Erosion Protection System (CEPS) can provide protection through temporary and permanent solutions.


Our engineered solution has been approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protections, and tested by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In fact, our cellular geotextile containment system was used extensively after superstorm Sandy in New York and New Jersey.


Engineered for effectiveness, the Coastal Erosion Protection System is a long-term solution for ongoing beach and shoreline protection. Available in a variety of lengths and sizes, CEPS can be customized to fit your exact needs.

Additional benefits include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Rapid deployment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extremely effective
  • Unique design allows permanent and temporary installations
  • Unique design allows for emergency installation
  • Shaped to fit the natural contours of the landscape
  • Battled tested on the East Coast of Florida for three years
  • Reported to have no impact of turtle nesting for the past three years
  • Cellular geotextile containment systems can be filled with various materials and last longer than traditional methods
  • Installation below the sand dune provides a superior visual appeal compared to standard seawalls
  • Decreases damage during a high-water event to a loss of 3ft of sand compared to 30ft, saving up to 90% in repair costs

The cellular geotextile containment system being deployed 50 feet in 45-seconds


To restore the shoreline, the cellular geotextile containment system is installed within the dunes and then covered by three feet of sand. Once the beach has been resurfaced, re-nourishment efforts begin to complete the project and restore the coastline to its natural beauty.


CEPS has proven to protect coastal properties from both major storms and erosion caused overtime by natural forces. Once installed, CEPS saves over 90% in repair cost and keeps your coastal property intact when hit by heavy winds and raging storms. On average, repairs are limited to covering any exposed area of the containment system with sand to prepare for the next erosion threat.

3 feet of sand to be replaced instead of 30 feet of dune and lawn

Geotextile reinforcement solution during beach erosion event. Barriers effectively limited erosion as designed, saving the property owner up to 90% of sand replenishment cost.

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